Gerard O'Brien

Gerard O’Brien

Gerard O’Brien is the owner of two Los Angeles-based galleries: Reform, which specializes in handcrafted California Modern furnishings, and the Landing, which shows fine art. Gerard has lectured widely on California Modern art and design; his live appearances include talks at the Palm Springs Desert Museum, LACMA and the Craft in America reading room. In 2006, Reform hosted an exhibition of furnishings by R.M. Schindler and in 2005, it mounted the exhibition CA Design, which showcased works by thirty artist-craftsmen made between 1956 and 1976. O’Brien organized a show at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (on Tanya Aguiniga) and curated a show at Blum and Poe gallery (on J. B. Blunk).

David Erikson

David Erikson

David Erikson is a California-based lawyer representing artists and creative professionals in intellectual property and related matters. He is the founder of Erikson Law Group.

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