Nicholas Olsberg

Nicholas Olsberg

Nicholas Olsberg grew up in England and Australia, a long time ago. He was Chief Curator and Director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, founding head of Special Collections at the Getty Center, and Archivist of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since retiring from the museum and research world ten years ago he has been writing books and magazine articles and curating exhibitions on many aspects of architecture, with a special focus on buildings and designers in California, including Cliff May, Arthur Erickson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and John Lautner, the architect of the Sheats/Goldstein residence.

In tennis, he has compensated for an innate lack of athleticism by developing an unusually subtle approach to line calls, and a rare ability to blame wind and sun conditions, crowd noise, aircraft overhead, the state of the grip on his racquet, and sometimes even his partner for nearly all of his errors.

Gunner Fox

Cary Wayne

Cary Wayne was born in Coventry, England and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut. Cary, an IMG Bolletieri and Harry Hopman alumnus, competed on the ATP Tour for twelve¬†years full time. He is still competing part time internationally. Cary was the tennis director for the Luxe Hotels for 23 years, and currently teaches for the Hotel Bel Air and the Beverly Hills Hotel. He will be teaching for the rest of his life. Cary’s father played soccer for England, and his 2 cousins played for Liverpool in the Premier League. Cary played center midfielder all his life, starting at the age of three, and competed for Dallas in the NASL and the United States. His soccer career ended with a major foot injury at the ripe age of twenty-four.

Cary now splits his time between the tennis courts and creative development in film and music, where he has been a writer and producer for over twenty-five years.

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